An island that future-proofs both climate and nature

The North Sea Energy Island is not an ordinary island. We’re creating a new way of collecting and distributing green power, with the island serving as a hub in a network consisting of 10 surrounding offshore wind farms and with links to foreign countries. It’s the first time in history that an artificial island will be constructed to supply renewable energy to several countries.

The North Sea Energy Island must be more than just an island. The Danish energy island should promote new standards for the build-out of offshore wind power in Europe, while being based on sustainable construction and design. Most importantly, it must be prepared to meet future needs.

— Ørsted + ATP and partners

Right from the start, the island must be ready for a yet unknown technological future. The island must be adaptable and be further developed in its design and layout, in-line with the connection of offshore wind power and the development of new green energy technologies. It will be an island in constant development, so that we never run out of room for innovation.

When it comes to the North Sea Energy Island, its purpose is to drive the design.

— Ørsted + ATP and partners

Leading by example with a world-first concept

Our combination of Danish renewable energy know-how and international experience with large maritime projects means that we see great export potential in our modular island concept. Energy islands are relevant for many countries, but it’s also a new concept – and one which does not necessarily follow a one-size-fits-all approach. With the world-first North Sea Energy Island, we hope to create a framework for a cutting-edge concept with great global export opportunity.

Room for innovation

In addition to being an innovative initiative, the energy island will allow different actors to connect new innovative technologies as they mature for offshore use. With the energy island as a hub for huge amounts of green power, it will be possible to produce other forms of renewable energy via power-to-x conversion. As well as connecting data centers and other large consumers, which valuably can be based on renewable energy.

In this way, the North Sea Energy Island will play a key role in the future production of renewable energy.

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Creating a network of green energy will not only have a positive impact on the climate but also on local economic growth.