Building in balance with nature

The climate crisis is not only a challenge for humans, but also for animals and plants. The build-out of offshore wind power requires that we lend a helping hand to the climate and biodiversity by protecting sea habitats and wildlife.

Ørsted’s and ATP’s sustainability goals unite the consortium in a joint mission to preserve and improve nature and the environment – also known as ‘net positive impact’.”

— Ørsted + ATP and partners

The construction of the energy Island will consider both climate and nature

One of the world’s most sustainable energy companies

Ørsted has been ranked as one of the world’s most sustainable energy companies and is recognised on the CDP Climate Change A List as a global leader in climate action. Ørsted’s objective is that, no later than from 2030 and onwards, all new green energy projects must give something positive back to nature by not just maintaining, but improving, biodiversity in the affected areas. 

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Carbon-neutral investments

ATP invests with an obligation to its social responsibility and impact on society. The company has a clear ambition of green investments amounting to DKK 100 billion in 2025 – and DKK 200 billion in 2030. Furthermore, a 70 % reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 for listed equities, corporate bonds, and real estate relative to 2018. ATP invests to secure all members’ pensions savings for generations and to ensure basic financial security in Denmark.

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Creating growth in Denmark

The investment in the North Sea Energy Island does not only have a positive impact on the climate accounts. The island will also make a significant contribution to Danish economy.

Such a large-scale build-out of renewable energy is a significant investment that strengthens the green transformation and has the potential to provide a significant economic gain in the form of growth and jobs.

— Claus Wiinblad, Senior Vice President, Danish Equities, ATP

The construction and operation of the energy island will create many new jobs and give a significant boost to Danish industry and society in general. This applies to local production companies as well as via development and subsequent export of knowledge and technology.

Wind power generates growth in Danish industry
  • Danish companies hold 40 % of the market for the generation of wind power in Europe. 

  • Danish companies make deliveries in all parts of the construction of offshore wind farms, right from production over installation to operation. 

  • In the period 2010-2020, almost half of all new offshore wind turbines in Europe were shipped from the Port of Esbjerg.
  • The Danish wind industry has exports amounting to over DKK 50 billion a year.

  • Each new gigawatt of offshore wind produced in Denmark, has the potential to create just over 100,000 man-years for the Danish economy.

  • Every new gigawatt offshore wind in Denmark generates growth in the Danish gross domestic product of approximately DKK 20.3 billion, during the lifetime of the wind turbines.

Source: QBIS 2020; Wind Denmark 2020


All partners of our ambitious consortium are leaders in their field and bring with them a wealth of experience and world-class competencies.