North Sea Energy Island consortium unveils Arup as lead engineering partner

Ørsted + ATP have appointed Arup as technical advisor for its North Sea Energy Island project in Denmark, the world’s first artificial island designed to harvest the sustainable wind energy potential in the North Sea. Arup has been an advisor on a long list of prominent Danish infrastructure projects like the Øresund Bridge, the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, and the Cityringen Metro in Copenhagen.
Climate change requires new and ambitious solutions: As a world first, the North Sea Energy Island is the type of flagship infrastructure project that will define the renewable energy market in the coming decades, playing a key role in powering Europe’s green transformation and the phase-out of fossil fuels.

Leveraging Arup’s extensive experience in delivering transformational infrastructure projects in Denmark and offshore wind projects worldwide, Ørsted + ATP have partnered with Arup to support the development of The North Sea Energy Island.

Based on an innovative modular design, Ørsted + ATP want to make the North Sea Energy Island a transformational project that will redefine our collective journey towards sustainable energy generation in Europe. Arup, one of the world’s leading built environment consultants, has led other nation-shaping projects across Denmark, including the Øresund bridge, the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, and the new Cityringen Metro in Copenhagen.

Søren Scherfig, Vice President and Head of the North Sea Energy Island project at Ørsted, says:

”The North Sea Energy Island will be one of the most important and complex infrastructure projects in Denmark. Working with Arup and our partners, we’re confident that we can deliver a future-proof project that will become a cornerstone in the Danish and European green transformation for decades to come. We believe that the energy island should embody innovation and sustainability, and we believe that we’ve gathered a list of strong partners to help realise these ambitions.”

Christian Allison, Director and Copenhagen Office Leader at Arup, says:

“Bold engineering has an essential role to play in the transition towards a more sustainable future. For some time, Arup has been supporting Ørsted + ATP in creating a vision for a viable artificial island that will drive positive change. We’re proud to be part of a project that can redefine the future for a greener Europe, transitioning out of fossil fuels towards sustainable energy sources. Our deep domain knowledge in reclamation projects, combined with our local expertise in delivering transformational infrastructure projects in Denmark like Cityringen, make Arup a fantastic partner for the North Sea Energy Island project.”

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About Arup

Arup’s dedication to sustainable development and shaping a better world is highlighted through the firm’s focus on energy transition and its global decarbonisation commitments. As well as working on a range offshore wind projects in Europe and across the globe, Arup’s sustainability experts are also working at the urban scale, helping cities navigate the energy shift to increase resilience and embrace greener energy.

Philosopher and engineer Sir Ove Arup, widely considered to be one of the foremost designers of his time, founded Arup in 1946. His philosophy of ‘Total Design’ guides the company’s design ethos to this day and is palpable in major local transformational projects. Arup also has wide expertise in energy infrastructure and energy systems integration.

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